2017-02-24 - When There's No Time For Downtime

Cordless products from Hoover® Commercial offer untethered productivity, serviceability, and noise reduction to Building Service Contractors.

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Building Service Contractors are under greater cost pressures than ever before. They need cleaning equipment that not only helps improve worker productivity and safety, but reduces operational costs as well. Today’s business environment requires a fresh approach when it comes to maintaining clean, safe and appealing spaces. Industrial and commercial facility managers have a variety of cleaning scenario needs and, according to the International Sanitary Supply Association, are looking for facility solution partners to help elevate and maintain a standard of clean that employees and customers find appealing. Success today incorporates improved safety, noise reduction, higher productivity and greater efficiency.

Hoover® Commercial offers a variety of tools that maximize productivity by leveraging the power of cordless technology. This gives cleaning crews the untethered freedom to efficiently clean without the risk of trips and falls due to cords. It also reduces trip-and-fall risk for facility guests or employees.

The Power of Cordless Technology
Cordless products inherently improve user productivity and safety because they prevent cleaning professionals from experiencing what the experts at TTI Floor Care refer to as the “Five Uns.” Unwinding, Untangling, Unplugging, and Unobstructing areas when corded tools are used, which can equate to Unsafe work environments and reduced productivity. The National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) states that slips and falls are the primary cause of days lost from work—resulting in lost time which impacts productivity.

Innovation in battery technology and design can improve productivity by up to 30 percent. TTI Floor Care, the parent company of Hoover Commercial is a leader in battery technology innovation. The company leverages its battery development knowledge and applies it across multiple brands in the TTI portfolio. Improved battery technology allows for longer fade-free run times and heightened performance rivaling that of corded models. In addition, safety controls are built into both batteries and chargers.
Hoover Commercial offer products and tools designed for performance, serviceability, safety and efficiency.

  • Hoover Commercial recently introduced the HUSHTONETM 6Q Cordless Backpack—a lightweight, portable, yet powerful, vacuum that allows cleaning crews to cover more space in less time:
    • The cordless backpack uses a quick-change M-PWRTM 40V Lithium Ion battery that provides up to 45 minutes of fade-free run time for even more freedom and less downtime.
  • The new HUSHTONE Cordless Upright launches in 2017, offering the same untethered freedom of movement afforded by the backpack.
  • A proprietary site assessment tool and ROI calculator demonstrate savings by cordless Hoover Commercial products.

It’s clear the role of a Building Service Contractor is evolving to that of a facility cleaning consultant—helping customers stay abreast of the most efficient and effective technologies available—a challenge that Hoover Commercial is ready to help them meet.

About Hoover Commercial
Hoover Commercial, one of TTI Floor Care North America’s family of brands, provides commercial surface-care products designed to improve productivity and cleaning performance. Innovative products and cordless technology supports professional cleaning companies in maintaining safe, productive and clean environments. Hoover Commercial serves the cleaning professionals in property management, hospitality, healthcare, foodservice, and other larger high-traffic commercial operations, where speed and performance are key.