MPWR™ 40V Cordless

MPWR™ 40V 6Ah Battery

MPWR™ 40V 6Ah Battery

Item # CH17360

Maximize hours. Minimize costs.
Go cordless without compromising your bottom line.

Nobody knows better than you that improving the productivity and efficiency of an entire team can save you time and money. When you go cordless with the HOOVER® Commercial MPWR™ 40V battery system, your team has the swap-and-go flexibility to seamlessly recharge and replace batteries among multiple uprights and backpacks without slowing down. And, at a 40% lower price* of other cordless products, you can go cordless without compromising your budget.

Works with MPWR™ 40V Cordless Upright (CH95519) and MPWR™ 40V Cordless Backpack (CH93619)
* Battery and Charger sold separately

Dedicated to developing battery systems Techtronic Industries (TTI) the parent company of the HOOVER® Commercial brand, is a recognized leader in lithium ion technology with more than 400 cordless products and 40 U.S. and global partners. 

MPWR™40V System Designed for more mobility, and to be used by more people on your staff.

* When compared with the previous generations (40V Hushtone 6Q Cordless Backpack -Item # CH93406 and 40V Hushtone Upright #CH95143) based on weight with battery. When compared to the collective MSRP for the previous generation’s unit (40V Hushtone 6Q Cordless Backpack - #CH93406 or 40V Hushtone Cordless Upright - #CH95413), battery (M-PWR 40V - #CH90040) and charger (M-PWR Dual Bay Charger #CH90002).

Voltage 40V
Power 216 Wh
Amp Hour 6 Ah
Weight 3.26 lbs
Warranty 1 Year

UL® Certified

Battery Technology Brochure

Product Manual

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