HUSHTONE™ Cordless

HUSHTONE™ 40V 9Ah Battery

HUSHTONE™ 40V 9Ah Battery

Item # CH90040

The M-PWR™ 40V System enhances productivity and empowers the performance of our HUSHTONE™ 6Q Cordless Backpack.


Quick Change Battery - Effortlessly change the battery with just one hand. No need to remove the backpack, minimizing downtime.

45 minute Runtime - Up to 45 minutes of fade free performance per battery. Two fully charged batteries provide a total runtime of 90 minutes without removing the backpack.

Battery Protection System - The M-PWR™ 40V battery design includes temperature monitoring, discharge and charging termination and sleep mode to build confidence in the safe performance of the battery.


Works with HUSHTONE™ Cordless Upright CH95413, HUSHTONE™ Cordless Backpack CH93406, and HUSHTONE™ M-PWR™ 40V Charger CH90002

Battery Fuel Gauge

The battery fuel gauge gives user the ability to see how much charge is left in the battery. The battery charge level is also shown on the switch housing. Use the Test Button to check battery charger level.

Runtime 45 min (Hush™) - 30 min (Boost)
Voltage 36V, 40V Max
Power 324 Wh
Weight 4.8 lbs
Warranty 1 Year

UL® Certified

UN3480 Lithium Ion Batteries

Product Manual

Lithium Ion Battery Safety Sheet